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Once There was A Firefly...


Our family loves storytelling. True stories. Made-up stories. Uplifting stories. Stories that almost make you pee your pants. Stories that remind you to live and to love and to laugh and to be happy. So it’s no surprise that this family business started with a bedtime story.

Our kids often challenge us to tell them stories based on their ideas. They ask for a story about a shooting star or a three-legged billy goat in the morning, and in the evening we put them to bed with our best draft. One morning Sam asked for a story about a firefly, and when I pressed for more details, Charlee added that the firefly had a problem — his butt wouldn’t light up.

Well, that story wrote itself as quickly as any we know of. And right behind the inspiration of the firefly’s dim-derrière tale came the inspiration for Peachwood Publishing — an adventure for our entire family. And our collective butts light up at the prospect of sharing it with you!




We craft books to get lost in so that you might find your way. Whether fiction or non-fiction, we want our books to wrap you up and take you to those places that remind you how wonderful this world can be. And when you put our books down, we want you to be charged with wonder and creativity, as these qualities bring people closer to who they are. 

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Norman T. Leonard

Creative Commander-in-Chief

Norm has been many things in his brief twenty-five years: a tightrope walker, a bear wrestler, a professor, and — some might say — a man who plays it a little loose with reality. Above all, though, he’s a storyteller. His favorite story: the one he’s living with his wife and kids.

Favorite Word: Decisive… wait, no, not that… uh…

Becky GIF

Becky Leonard

Director of Vision & Muses

We can’t say for sure that Becky is a super heroine, but when she wakes up in the morning, sunlight shines out of her butt. Whether or not this qualifies as a superpower is debatable, but her husband will have words with the naysayers. When she’s not providing eagle-like vision to Peachwood Publishing, she’s changing the world one pregnancy at a time. Fun fact: she played trombone in her grade school orchestra, first (and only) chair.

Favorite Word: Love (said with emphasis on the “uhhhh”)

Charlee GIF

Charlee Leonard

Vice President of Supreme Artistic Virtuosity

When Charlee was in the womb, the sonogram revealed that she was hip to the situation, and she actually used her finger to make sonic puppets (ya know, shadow puppets but with the sound waves of the sonogram). An artist in utero and ever since, Charlee often loses herself in drawing, painting, guitar playing, and, occasionally, playwriting in iambic pentameter. When she’s not exercising her artistic prowess for Peachwood Publishing, she’s planning her presidential bid — Charlee Leonard, 2044.

Favorite Word: Lucky (well, of course, look who she was born to)


Sam “Sammers” Leonard

Executive in Charge of imagination, Merriment & Wonder

Experts debate when Sammers uttered his first word, but they agree that that word was “talk.” This was, more than anything, a warning, as he’s been talking ever since. His verbal mania strikes a balance between curiosity and wit. Consider this recent string of questions: “What is time? Is it real or an illusion? Can there be time without change? Mom, dad, why aren’t you answering me?” He’s currently drafting his application to Yale. His back-up school: NYU. He’s never been to New York, but, as he says, his heart belongs to The Big Apple.

Favorite Word: Butty-butt-butt

Thunder GIF

Thunder Jones Leonard

Chairman of Productivity and Naps

The offspring of a bobcat and a feral Maine Coon, Thunder Jones was born during a storm in the Monument Valley. To this day, it’s unclear if the thunderclap that resonated during his mother’s labor was an actual thunderclap or Thunder Jones’ personal announcement, “Yes, world, I am Thunder Jones, and I am here.” In cat, these words sound much like the rumbling crash of an angry sky. In his spare time, he break dances.

Favorite Word: *yawn


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